Better Together: a 52-week Marriage Journal (updated!)

A few years ago, we realized the importance of coming together on a weekly basis to prepare for the upcoming week, share concerns and struggles with each other, and to affirm each other. It’s very easy to let the busyness of life carry us away without taking a few minutes each week to slow down and go over important things together…so we wanted to create a simple and tangible way for married couples to connect every single week.

That’s where this marriage journal comes in! It’s a downloadable PDF that you can print, complete with 52 weekly pages, in addition to several extra pages. 

For each weekly page, you’ll simply write down the following:

  • what you’re thankful for
  • prayer intentions for that week
  • 3 things you need to accomplish together (i.e. projects around the house, appointments to schedule, etc.)
  • how you will make your marriage a priority (i.e. plan a date, schedule in some time together at home, etc.)
  • a short note of encouragement to each other

That’s it — 5 simple ways to get on the same page for the upcoming week while connecting with each other. Also included is a different Scripture verse (or verses) each week to read together and memorize if you’d like. We chose to get our journal printed as a spiral bound book (in color, but black and white is much cheaper), but you can also just print the pages you want to use, and then hole punch to put in a binder. 

There are also a few “extra” pages, like a quarterly check-in page every 3 months, so you can evaluate how things are going. Other extras include:

  • an anniversary page
  • a date night bucket list
  • pages to write the Scripture of the week
  • extra pages to write notes to each other
  • a yearly review page

You can start using the journal at any time because we leave the date blank. So if you skip a week, you can still continue using the journal…and you can print it out again every single year! We created this to be simple and helpful, so we encourage you to use it in whichever way works best for you.

Having a weekly marriage meeting was such a game changer for us several years ago when we had 3 young boys. Eventually we just included the meeting points into our conversation throughout the week. But since our life was thrown into chaos this fall between Hurricane Ida and having a baby, we decided to bring back our weekly marriage meeting. We’ve updated our journal and hope it serves as a valuable tool for couples needing a little help getting on the same page each week. Click here or the button below to purchase this 68-page downloadable PDF. (If you purchased the old version already, please email or message us and we’d be happy to send you a link to download the new version for free!)