About Us

Hey there! We’re Logan and Jen. Our marriage has had its ups and downs like most. We’ve been surprised by the trials of pregnancy loss, infertility, high-risk pregnancies, just to name a few (and that was just in the first half of our marriage). But we’ve also been surprised by how great marriage can be when we focus on the little things and we’re both putting forth effort into the relationship. Basically, we’ve been surprised by marriage in so many ways!

Random facts about us:

  • We started dating in high school
  • We married right after college in the summer of 2009
  • Logan is extroverted and Jen is introverted
  • Logan’s love languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch while Jen’s are Acts of Service and Quality Time
  • We have random dance parties in our kitchen
  • We’re extremely competitive with each other. Seriously. Just join us for a friendly game of Catan. Or darts. Or Scrabble Apple. Or any game, really.
  • We have 5 boys, one in heaven and 4 here, ages 10 and under
  • We have a 12-year old spoiled Beagle
  • Logan likes Pringles and Zebra Cakes
  • Jen refuses to buy Pringles and Zebra Cakes
  • Logan would rather watch TV and Jen would rather read
  • We live in southeast Louisiana
  • Our Catholic faith has been the foundation of our marriage
  • We take our marriage seriously but we love to have fun too!

We hope this will be a place of encouragement to make your marriage a priority. We hope you stick around! If you’d like to sign up for weekly newsletter, you can do so here.

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