Hey there! We’re Logan and Jen. Our marriage has had its ups and downs like most. We’ve been surprised by the trials of pregnancy loss, infertility, high-risk pregnancies, just to name a few (and that was just in the first half of our marriage). But we’ve also been surprised by how great marriage can be when we focus on the little things and we’re both putting forth effort into the relationship. Basically, we’ve been surprised by marriage in so many ways!

We hope this will be a place of encouragement to make your marriage a priority. Thanks for being here!


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Marriage has its ups and downs, but sometimes a little perspective makes all the difference. The Surprised By Marriage blog addresses a variety of marriage topics, from the everyday to the life-changing, including incorporating faith in marriage, the effects of infertility and pregnancy on marriage, and everyday reflections on this vocation.


Once a week, we put together a video about an aspect of marriage that has either surprised or affected us – and we suspect has surprised and affected other couples as well! Check out our faves on our Video page and check out our YouTube channel for more.


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