Habits we do every day that have helped our marriage

There are some things that Logan and I have always done, even before we were actually married, and I know they are a big part of why our marriage has made it thus far. I call them habits because I couldn’t imagine not doing them at this point.

1. Pray together. This could be an entire post itself, but since prayer is the most important thing you do every day, it just makes sense that you should be doing it with your spouse too.

2. Kiss each other. Multiple times a day! Before one of us leaves the house, when one of us returns home, before we go to bed. I used to love seeing my parents kiss each other every time my dad got home from work!

3. Say “I love you”. Before one of us leaves the house, before we hang up the phone, before we fall asleep at night. It’s important to show love, but don’t let that stop you from actually saying it.

4. Tell each other about our day. Share our good moments, our bad moments. Women are really good about doing this with friends, but we need to remember to share with our husbands too! Logan is my best friend, after all.

5. Make each other laugh. Okay, admittedly Logan is better at this than me, but I do try! Laughing together is something every couple needs to do. (Pretty sure laughing is what has got us through some tough moments!)

6. Work together. While I certainly try to do as much as the housework as possible while Logan is at work, sometimes that doesn’t happen. (Ahem, fussy baby, ahem.) So that’s when Logan jumps in and helps me straighten up the kitchen so we can enjoy some couple time once our kids are in bed. Team work!

7. Don’t go to bed angry. If one of us was a jerk that day, we apologize. If things felt off all day, we clear the air. Remember that the devil wants us to hold onto our anger. But that’s never fruitful in a relationship!

What about you? What’s something you do every day that really helps your marriage?

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8 thoughts on “Habits we do every day that have helped our marriage

  1. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt. As in assuming ignorance not malice when they do something that feels inconsiderate.


  2. Give each other space. Cameron and I have been married 15 years and the first 2 were so hard because we just tried to control what the other did. By giving each other space to do things on their own outside the house {moms nights, playing golf} we are both so much happier. We were very young when we got married and I had the mindset that we always had to do everything together. After many years I learned that couldn’t be farther from the truth!
    Also stopping by from 7QTS!


  3. Remove the phrases “you never” or “you always” from your vocabulary! And if you have some kind of issue to bring up begin with two compliments and then phrase it in a way that says “I feel xyz when this happens.” You guys had some really great advice!


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