Opposites attract

It really is true what they say – opposites attract. I knew when Logan and I were dating that there were many ways that we were completely different. But I didn’t worry about it all too much because we also had plenty in common.

Somebody should have told me that those opposite qualities of ours would be magnified in marriage. Because wow, I didn’t realize just how much Logan brushed things off while I obsessed over every little thing. Or how much he procrastinates on everything while I would much rather do something sooner rather than later. Or how much he focuses more on the past while I can’t help but worry about the future. Or how much he would rather dance and have a good time while I would rather sit and read a good book. (Obviously, he is an extrovert and I’m an introvert – sanguine/choleric and melancholic/phlegmatic, respectively, if you’re familiar with the temperaments.)

The funny thing is, we’ve switched roles in many ways. Now I’m the one telling Logan not to worry about something when he is agonizing over something that is out of his control. Now I’m just as likely to start a random dance party in our kitchen while he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. Now he is better about stopping to pray about something together when I’m so frazzled I hadn’t even thought to pray until he mentioned it.

Opposites attract, that’s for sure. But in the beginning of a relationship, it’s fun to be with someone who is so different from you. Years later, though, it can get kind of old. It’s hard not to get tired of telling your spouse over and over to please take out the garbage instead of waiting until the next day because he will inevitably forget. Logan still gets so annoyed when he’s trying to shower me with affection and I’m just so not interested. (I have a problem, I know.)

But being so different has helped us both grow, and we’ve learned to [mostly] appreciate our differences. I also know it’s the constant oppositeness that keeps things interesting, and for that, I’m grateful.

Circa 2006, I think? An accurate depiction of our marriage sometimes 😉

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