Weekly Challenges

For over 2 years, we posted a weekly marriage challenge every Monday on Instagram and Facebook (using the hashtag #marriagemondaychallenge). We are now sharing these challenges with our email subscribers only. It’s anything from reading a Scripture passage together to planning a date night! We’ve seen how much of an impact small things can have on our marriage, and we want to encourage others to do the same. If you want to receive the weekly challenges, sign up for our email list!

Here are some examples of challenges we’ve posted:


One of our favorite things to do is play board games together. And since we’re in need of some fun this week (thanks to sickness in our household and a busy week ahead), this week’s challenge is a fun one: have a game night together. It’s what we do when we realize we’ve been watching too much TV. 😬😅
Some of our favorite (2-player) games include Scrabble, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, and Rack-O. Share your faves with us!



We have completely different love languages. Jen likes acts of service and quality time. Logan likes words of affirmation and physical touch. So sometimes we need a little reminder to love each other in the ways that are most effective. That means our challenge this week is to be intentional about each other’s love languages this week. Just wait and see the difference it makes! (And if you aren’t familiar with the five love languages, there’s an online quiz you can take! Plus the book is really helpful.)